Words done brilliantly.

Want to grab your audience’s attention?
Get your message across more effectively?
Give your words more zip?
Bring your brand to life?
Increase sales?
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I write words that get you noticed, with the power to persuade, excite and get the right results.

Maybe you need a website with killer SEO. A finely honed sales letter or email. A stand-out brochure. A newsletter or blog. A persuasive script or engaging annual report. Or do you have a product you want to name or need a memorable strapline with real impact? Whatever you need, I’m here to help.

As a qualified journalist with a Masters in scriptwriting, and many years of experience with a leading international copywriting firm, whatever story you want to tell, you’re in good hands.

On larger projects I get my network of other amazing freelancers involved.

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Copywriting and editing

No one knows your business better than you do. But telling your audience what you can do for them in the most effective way possible isn’t always the best use of your time. Now you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business. In the long run, you’ll save money, time and hassle.

Critical feedback

For a free review of your words, and how effective they are, just send them my way. If they’re spot on, great, I’ll let you know. If they can be improved with a bit of copywriting jiggery pokery, I’ll tell you. Then we can go from there.

Tone of voice

Give all your written communication a consistent personality and you’ll come across as more coherent, more distinct, and even a little more loveable. Let me help you create your own unique tone of voice, and reap the benefits.

Content strategy

Define and plan the best way to use all your words, pictures, audio and video together to achieve your goals. Now all your content has context, and you’ve given your business a nice boost.

Concepts that work

When done well, the right combination of words and images creates memorable messaging that really breaks through. I’m here to provide you with all the words your campaign imagery needs.

Coaching and training

Need one-on-one or group coaching? Want your people to all write in the same consistent tone of voice? Feel a presentation of effective business writing would benefit your company? Just shout. I’ll tailor coaching or training to fit your needs.


I write for some of the biggest names in the world, covering all sectors, either directly or through top worldwide agencies. But I’m just as happy helping new, small businesses get off the ground successfully.

Sport and leisure

English Heritage
Cheltenham Racecourse
The FA
British Cycling
Chatham Historic Dockyard
Turkish Airlines
Hilton Hotels
Hotel Du Vin
De Vere Hotels
Crown Plaza Hotels

Financial and professional services

Capital One
The Chartered Institute of Insurers

Media, entertainment, tech and telecoms

RTL Group


Rolls Royce
Royal Mail
Furniture Village
Johnson & Johnson


University of the West of England
University of Edinburgh
University of West London
University of Strathclyde
University of Greenwich
University of Hertfordshire

Government, charity and not-for-profit

Environment Agency
Department of Culture, Media and Sport


“Getting the words on my website right was vital to my new business. The Copy Shed really listened to what I wanted and went out of their way to offer an excellent service. Highly recommended.”

“Over the years, The Copy Shed has helped us revamp our website, communicate with customers, and produce our Christmas brochures. They’re sticklers for getting the words right, and always on hand with useful advice.”

“The Copy Shed are great to work with and really help your website get results. They explain the complexities of what we do clearly, provide reassurance for customers and helped increase bookings from the moment it went live.”


Writing like Yoda speaks? Stop it, you must.

When we speak, we generally speak ‘forwards’: ‘the boy ran up the hill’. It’s natural, simple and effective. So why do so many people change how they communicate the second they get a pen or a keyboard in their hands? Why do they go all Yoda? Suddenly it’s all ‘up the hill the boy ran’.

To paraphrase Obi Wan, ‘these are not the words you are looking for’.


It’s not pedantry, it’s good business

We writers often have the mickey taken out of us because we’re such sticklers for grammar, spelling and punctuation. We get called tedious, annoying and worse. Why let it bother you so much? Can’t you just let it go? Why do you even care? Well, let me explain why.


Orwell’s five rules

While moving house recently (packing endless boxes of books) I came across George Orwell’s five rules of effective writing. They’re as relevant today as they were in 1946…